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We are not the rule followers: rather, we are the renegades of the world, with a dream and a vision. 


We build and deliver anti-boring and anti-lecture leadership programs, and we save our clients from bad speakers and bad content.

Want to know why? Because we were there, too. As a team, we have been in the back of too many training events - desperate to sneak out, because we couldn't stand staring at someone's PowerPoint. So, our job is to help people curate, design and deliver the best leadership content and facilitation skills.

CEO, Erin Fischer

Entrepreneur, author, facilitator and Indy's Best and Brightest recipient

After graduating from Indiana University, Fischer traveled to Timbuktu and back. Well, if we're being honest it’s not quite Timbuktu, but close. She's spoken in 46 states, recruited in Hungary, volunteered in Hawaii, taught in Brazil and has been on stages with thousands of people in the audience all with the focus of developing people and building teams and communities – while growing her brand. 


Fischer considers herself a leadership nerd - a woman on a mission to help teams and individuals excel at what they do. Her forum is the stage, but her focus is super-cognitive skills. She wants to support the growth of people by giving them time to think, reflect and gain new knowledge. Fischer loves the idea of challenging people and being challenged herself, and she LIVES for the ‘aha’ moment – both yours and her's. Fischer is a voracious reader and studies how people best work and perform.  


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