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Ohhh! Do you remember the time you invited a lead facilitator or a small group facilitator to a BIG event, and it didn't go well? You worked on curriculum, designed a great event, sent out hundreds of invitations, and it fell flat because the facilitator didn't deliver. {It's heartbreaking!}

We know because we have been there, too. Facilitation is hard. It can be fun and amazing, but it requires skills that a lot of folks have never practiced — in the right way. Too many people think that facilitating is talking instead of listening, reading a Power Point instead of asking engaging questions, or worse yet, delivering "expertise" instead of developing participants where they are. 

Sometimes, you don't have the time to create all of the content, and a meaningful train-the-trainer experience. {Even though it is a critical component to leadership development.} So, we have taken our program Command the Room and made a video series that outlines the top nine most important skills facilitators should practice before participants arrive. Whether your facilitators are students, volunteers, board members or staff, you can use this series for all of your facilitated experiences.

You can send the videos over DropBox, or play them before your event starts. We will send you a facilitator guide and a participant guide so you can practice all the activities, too. Each video is about three minutes in length, so you can have your team preview and then practice!

Then, have meaningful conversations about YOUR expectations. Share your vision and your content, and stop crossing your fingers!


Click below to view a preview of the Command the Room Video Series!

Preview of Command the Room Video Series



SECTION 1: Start Right

  1. Start with a Story (Learn why all the research leads to story telling as the best way to connect with an audience.)

  2. Start with Why (Create interest and buy-in from the beginning.)

  3. Share your Roadmap (Chart your ground rules, expectations and objectives.)

SECTION 2: Create the Details

  1. Create Interest (Use a pattern interrupt strategy.)

  2. Create Credibility (Build authenticity before, during, and after a session.)

  3. Create Engagement (Practice the 70/30 rule and the simplicity of the pair and share.)

SECTION 3: Overcome Fears

  1. Stage Fright (Manage the nerves from the start!)

  2. Handle a Tough Audience (Use the best techniques to manage a participant who is trying to drive you off course.)

  3. Presentation Skills (Go back to the basics of eye contact, where to stand, how not to fidget, and how to speak at the right volume - each time.)

Pricing is $4,500 for the series, plus facilitator and participant guides. Contact Erin to learn more now!


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